Thursday, November 27, 2008

I was cleaning up my study and found a cd full of pictures from the 2006 World Championships in Australia.  A very memorable Worlds in so many ways.  I got to spend time with my good buddy Randall Wellings and meet his family and friends.

I also got to shoot with a team of 7 representing the USA, the team event has been the most rewarding experience at the World Championships.  It is something else to be on a team with "Archery Legends" and fellow champions.  These guys here are some of the best archers in the World, I kid you not.  These folks are dear friends of mine experiencing the Worlds together.  Top left to right is me, David Hughes, Sonya Pask, bottom left to right is Cabe Johnson, Boyd Koehler, and Bob Gentry, Bret Cragle is not in the picture.

After the week of competition it looked like Australia won Gold and we took Silver.  But after all of the points were added up they called up the Gold medal team and it was USA.  It was very emotional, our teams journey had a rocky start and a day to day existence.  The adversity definitely brought us closer together.  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It was a hearty trip filled with boletes, grouse, elk and plenty of hiking.  We took 14 days into the deep dark confines of the Oregon Wilderness, with hopes of unfolding the layers of wild that has been effectively bred out of us in todays "convenience" culture.

This picture finds Ron and me with some of the bounties the forest offers, in the form of Porcini mushrooms or boletes.  But those aren't just any boletes, they are King boletes!  Sweet, nutty, they are great with butter and some salt and pepper.

I eased into this '08 elk adventure, partly to allow my legs and lungs to get used to the steep hills and thin air.  But moreover it gave me a chance to slow down and gather in the splendor of the Oregon wilderness.  It gave me a chance to feel the dirt under foot, and whether the wind was in my face or on the back of my neck.

Monday, September 29, 2008

North Easterly's

Adventure is where you find it, we entered the Oregon Wilderness under the premise of hunting for the magnificent beast we call Rocky Mountain Elk.  And our days were filled with plenty of elk hunting.  But along the way we found plenty of diversions, stump shooting, mushroom hunting, grouse hunting, and finding springs with crystal clear mountain water to quench our thirst and our burning desire to find something wild.

There were 3 in our elk camp, I was the greenest of the group and I was all ears when they shared their yarns.  I called in a spike early morning and closed to within 20 yards with some new tactics.  Nocked an arrow and came to full draw.  As I focused on a point behind the elks shoulder I could not help but notice that there was a big bushy branch in the path of my arrow.  Ironically I could see the spot on the elk clear as day.  But as an old teacher taught me years ago, it's the arrows path that one must see to the target.

I let down the arrow, the elk knew it wasn't his time and took a step forward and then around the nob of the ridge to safety.  I knew it wasn't his time either.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Got all my gear packed and loaded into my Jetta TDI.  Really looking forward to getting into the Oregon wilderness for some backpacking and elk hunting.

Besides the mess of gear you see, try to pick out my new longbow!  It is a Fox Royal Crown and it is my favorite hunting bow bar none.  I tied up a string quick-like and didn't take the time to put some whiskers on, I was impressed that the bow is whisper quiet without any type of whiskers or balls.  I've been shooting all broadheads and rubber blunts in practice and this bow groups.
This is one of Ron's new carbon limbed bows.  The bows are still under wraps but he will be announcing them soon.  I like the carbon as far as the way the bow reacts and sounds, I would need to get over a chrono to see what it is doing numbers-wise.  To protect the carbon from the rigors of hunting there is a thin veneer of wood.  Like all Fox bows this one is a "Beauty".  I can tell that this Royal Crown will be a perfect companion for my upcoming adventures!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Masters of the Barebow volume 3

Last weekend found me in Kalamazoo Michigan hanging out with the Daryl Quidort and Denny Sturgis Jr.  We had some fun taping MBB vol III, got to watch some whitetail hunting dvd's.

I had a great time going over some of the shooting and training techniques that I've discovered over the years and I had a great time discussing shooting with Daryl and Denny.

The visit culminated in a late night shooting session with the Michigan duo.  We were shooting at a bale with targets past any reasonable light.  It was dark and it was fun.  Daryl had the best groups through the night with Denny coming in second.  My groups finally tightened up after I opened both eyes.  After we called it quits I challenged both of them to a one arrow shoot off winner takes all, closest to the X.  Being stellar hosts, I think they let me win that one.  Thanks guys!  You made an old World Champion feel good :^).

Monday, September 1, 2008

My first backpack trip of the year was even more importantly my son's first backpack trip in his life.  We headed into the Mokelumne Wilderness on the auspicious day of 8/8/2008.

The "moke" is known for its up down terrain and trails that lead outward bound with spur trails but no real loops to speak of.  We headed out to Wheeler lake for our first nights camp.  We day tripped to Frog Lake the first day which kept to the theme of healthy climbs up to a ridgeline and dropping down into a valley that held the lake.

Joel made good use of a Gerber knife I gave him before the trip, he whittle many a stick.  He was intrigued by the Jetboil stove we used for cooking and the Katydyn water filter that we used to purify the crystal clear water.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sierra Backpack trip

Wow, time flies.  I've got 2 backpack trips under my belt.  One was a scouting trip and the other was a mule deer/black bear/grouse hunt.  Both areas did not hold much game, but there was rugged terrain to both test us and make us stronger.

I'll use upcoming posts to detail out my latest trips.

But I am most excited about the news that I have a few bows en-route from a fine bowyer in Oregon.  They hold much promise and I am looking forward to melding with them in hopes of loosing true arrows.

For now, here is a shot from my latest backpack trip, went in ultra-light and tested some new gear.  The only downside of the trip was my favorite boots are showing signs of fatigue.  They've been trusty on many adventures and I hope I can replace them with similar footwear.

Monday, June 30, 2008

July marks the opening of the Coastal Zone for California, Blacktail deer. I was out in the woods this past weekend and saw 2 young bucks in the tall grass, a forked horn and a 3X2 plus brow tines, in velvet. Time to dust off the backpack gear and air it out.

My buddy KB will be visiting in a couple weeks. We'll do some stump shooting and I'll give him a tour of Nothern California.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Got a Call from Denny Last Night

Denny Sturgis gave me a call last night. We talked about shooting bows form and technique. I've been busy shooting in the backyard and getting out a field as much as possible. Denny had some great things to say, he's been working with Rod Jenkins. It's neat to hear that Denny is progressing in his shooting. It's all about improving and learning. You can always get better, trying new elements new techniques. I've been working on a new element that is slowing my tempo down and making my shot more powerful. I'm hoping to introduce it on Masters of the Barebow vol. III.

Hunting is right around the corner and I'll be shooting broadheads most of the time. I am still hoping Ron King at Fox Archery will finish my hunting bow in time for CA deer season, but for sure for Elk season. He is working on a "carbon" model for me. Otherwise I will take my old faithful, a 21st Century Nova!

The baskets full of King and Queen boletes and cocoura mushrooms!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Tags for CA

Dang, just got found out I didn't draw for California Deer this year. We have a backpacking trip planned into the Sierra Nevada this August but will more than likely head up into the Trinity Alps to chase Blacktail. I prefer hunting Mule Deer but I'm up for an adventure.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Last season we were holed up next to a creek our spike camp was getting us right next to the elk. Our gourmet meal consisted of campfire toasted bagels and fire roasted vienna sausage. We lucked out that night, right after we got our tents pitched before it rained.

Borland and I both got within bow range of elk that next day. It was the best of days and the worst of days. It was elk hunting with a bow.

Larry Yien.
Most of my shooting has been in my backyard and our local archery range.  I've been working on shooting basics as well as more advanced work.  It's been interesting since I am also preparing for my presentation on Masters of the Barebow Volume III.