Thursday, November 27, 2008

I was cleaning up my study and found a cd full of pictures from the 2006 World Championships in Australia.  A very memorable Worlds in so many ways.  I got to spend time with my good buddy Randall Wellings and meet his family and friends.

I also got to shoot with a team of 7 representing the USA, the team event has been the most rewarding experience at the World Championships.  It is something else to be on a team with "Archery Legends" and fellow champions.  These guys here are some of the best archers in the World, I kid you not.  These folks are dear friends of mine experiencing the Worlds together.  Top left to right is me, David Hughes, Sonya Pask, bottom left to right is Cabe Johnson, Boyd Koehler, and Bob Gentry, Bret Cragle is not in the picture.

After the week of competition it looked like Australia won Gold and we took Silver.  But after all of the points were added up they called up the Gold medal team and it was USA.  It was very emotional, our teams journey had a rocky start and a day to day existence.  The adversity definitely brought us closer together.