Sunday, October 5, 2008

It was a hearty trip filled with boletes, grouse, elk and plenty of hiking.  We took 14 days into the deep dark confines of the Oregon Wilderness, with hopes of unfolding the layers of wild that has been effectively bred out of us in todays "convenience" culture.

This picture finds Ron and me with some of the bounties the forest offers, in the form of Porcini mushrooms or boletes.  But those aren't just any boletes, they are King boletes!  Sweet, nutty, they are great with butter and some salt and pepper.

I eased into this '08 elk adventure, partly to allow my legs and lungs to get used to the steep hills and thin air.  But moreover it gave me a chance to slow down and gather in the splendor of the Oregon wilderness.  It gave me a chance to feel the dirt under foot, and whether the wind was in my face or on the back of my neck.