Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sierra Backpack trip

Wow, time flies.  I've got 2 backpack trips under my belt.  One was a scouting trip and the other was a mule deer/black bear/grouse hunt.  Both areas did not hold much game, but there was rugged terrain to both test us and make us stronger.

I'll use upcoming posts to detail out my latest trips.

But I am most excited about the news that I have a few bows en-route from a fine bowyer in Oregon.  They hold much promise and I am looking forward to melding with them in hopes of loosing true arrows.

For now, here is a shot from my latest backpack trip, went in ultra-light and tested some new gear.  The only downside of the trip was my favorite boots are showing signs of fatigue.  They've been trusty on many adventures and I hope I can replace them with similar footwear.