Monday, June 30, 2008

July marks the opening of the Coastal Zone for California, Blacktail deer. I was out in the woods this past weekend and saw 2 young bucks in the tall grass, a forked horn and a 3X2 plus brow tines, in velvet. Time to dust off the backpack gear and air it out.

My buddy KB will be visiting in a couple weeks. We'll do some stump shooting and I'll give him a tour of Nothern California.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Got a Call from Denny Last Night

Denny Sturgis gave me a call last night. We talked about shooting bows form and technique. I've been busy shooting in the backyard and getting out a field as much as possible. Denny had some great things to say, he's been working with Rod Jenkins. It's neat to hear that Denny is progressing in his shooting. It's all about improving and learning. You can always get better, trying new elements new techniques. I've been working on a new element that is slowing my tempo down and making my shot more powerful. I'm hoping to introduce it on Masters of the Barebow vol. III.

Hunting is right around the corner and I'll be shooting broadheads most of the time. I am still hoping Ron King at Fox Archery will finish my hunting bow in time for CA deer season, but for sure for Elk season. He is working on a "carbon" model for me. Otherwise I will take my old faithful, a 21st Century Nova!

The baskets full of King and Queen boletes and cocoura mushrooms!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Tags for CA

Dang, just got found out I didn't draw for California Deer this year. We have a backpacking trip planned into the Sierra Nevada this August but will more than likely head up into the Trinity Alps to chase Blacktail. I prefer hunting Mule Deer but I'm up for an adventure.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Last season we were holed up next to a creek our spike camp was getting us right next to the elk. Our gourmet meal consisted of campfire toasted bagels and fire roasted vienna sausage. We lucked out that night, right after we got our tents pitched before it rained.

Borland and I both got within bow range of elk that next day. It was the best of days and the worst of days. It was elk hunting with a bow.

Larry Yien.
Most of my shooting has been in my backyard and our local archery range.  I've been working on shooting basics as well as more advanced work.  It's been interesting since I am also preparing for my presentation on Masters of the Barebow Volume III.