Tuesday, October 11, 2011

3 Hoyt risers and a Sky Conquest

#1 "Like new" Hoyt Elan Mossy Oak factory camo 25" $325

#2 "Very Good" Hoyt Aero Tec flames fade to black 25" $325

#3 "Good" Hoyt Avalon Gold ano 25" $325

#4 "Good" Sky Conquest Gold ano 24" $325

price includes shipping conus (buyer pays insurance option) open to best offers.

These risers have been my favorite bows but I'm paring down. If you have any interest in ILF (Int'l limb fitting) type bows this is a great place to be, like the titan and das these are great risers. The 24" and 25" risers give you a smoother draw, less stack and a more forgiving shot.




James W. said...

Just saw your post. Are any of the Hoyt risers still for sale.

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you still have a Sky Conquest for sale ?
My email: joao.flechas@sapo.pt
Joao Ferreira

Casey Lim said...

do you still have them for sale plz email me at ps3boi332@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Is Hoyt elan still avaiable? Please email me cephlaphoid@gmail.com