Friday, December 11, 2009

Practicing in My Backyard: there's an archer in all of us!

It is quite remarkable that an arrow can collide into another arrow and run down the shaft. If telescoped arrow is in the bullseye it is commonly called a "Robin Hood". If you get a witness and send in a form the NFAA will document your Robin Hood.

I took a picture and then brought the arrow to my shop to pull it apart and see if I could salvage the shot out arrow. This time I wasn't so lucky and the Gold Tip shaft was not salvageable for my draw length. Oh well, I am in the process of ordering another dozen.

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Ted Clinton said...

I have come to dread shooting in the yard, the last 3 episodes each about 3-4weeks apart ended with the second arrow (stuck in the first)and me cussing because I've destroyed another arrow!! the kids are saying "isnt that good though ?" no I need those arrows ! I do love my new Morrison recurve even though it's hard on arrows.
Hope all is well and maybe we'll run into each other soon.